The vision

Until 2020 a nearly nationwide coverage with ultra-fast broadband internet infrastructure for the Austrian population should be achieved.
This is the vision of the government published in its paper “Breitband Strategie 2020”.

According to communication experts, information infrastructure is crucial for an economically successful and sustainably stable national economy. The strategy paper of the government states that “Broadband high-performance networks ensure prosperity and social cohesion.”

The challenge

The vision is about site security, quality of life and, in the case of rural municipalities, especially about population stability. So, life in a natural, rural environment must be provided with state-of-the-art technology. Fiber to the Home is the solution, as it brings fiber-optics directly into your private homes. Therefore, Fiber to the Home is an economic and social necessity.

But how can smaller municipalities manage this challenge technically and financially?
Between reality and vision lies the question of feasibility on both mentioned counts.

Must communities be willing to take all the consequences of the necessary road works and the inevitable obstructions of traffic and everyday life in your village?
Not to mention the CO2 emissions caused by trenching or even the costs that come with this process.

The technical solution

A big challenge generates creativity.
We have found a solution.
Fiber to the Home needs Fiber to the Pipe.

The fiber-optic cable is laid directly into the house without trenching by installing it through the already existing municipal network (such as the sewer system). In the process, ultra-speed internet is routed via existing pipes from the “broandband highway” to every single house in every village.

The main advantages:

  • no trenching
  • no time-consuming approval procedure
  • fast laying of empty pipes
  • cables can be laid and replaced quickly
  • absolute security and cleanliness – the cables are being laid in already existing channel systems, but hermetically shielded by epoxy resin (ER)
  • low CO2 emissions
  • minimal traffic obstruction

The financial solution

In addition to the technical solution we are also able to offer a financial one:

  • we organize a pre-financing
  • we show the possibility of a return on investment and the maintenance of the added value in the village:
    The municipality provides the empty pipe network (at its own expense) and collects a user fee from the provider for the next decades.